Fast and Affordable DBA and Fictitious Name Filings

Registering a DBA (Doing Business As), fictitious business name, trade name or assumed name is fast, easy and affordable with We offer online DBA filings for almost every US State and County.

For over eight years we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their small business off right with our online DBA filings, fictitious name filings, trade name filings and other business filing services. handles the entire DBA filing process for you. We even offer to research your assumed name or fictitious name in your home state and county to ensure its availability.

There are many reasons to file a DBA. Sole proprietors might wish to start out Doing Business As a name other than their legal name. A DBA also helps to protect your social security number. Larger companies may wish to file a DBA so that they can branch out and conduct business under different names without having to file for a separate company.

Filing for a fictitious name, trade name, assumed name or DBA provides flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

Some states and counties do require that the applicant sign the assumed name application. In those cases, we draft all of the DBA forms for you, filling out all of the information about your new business, and email them to you with explicit, easy-to-follow instructions. All you need to do is sign your name and return the forms to us. Plus, we offer unlimited live support in case you have any questions. will handle every step of the assumed name process, including filing with the state and/or county and taking care of any required publishing.

All DBA and Fictitious Business Name filings by include:

We make filing a DBA simple, fast and affordable. When you use to handle your fictitious name application process, we make sure that you get exquisite customer service and the fast turn-around that you and your small business need and deserve.

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